I see you girlfriend!

I see all that passion and that fierceness locked up inside of you, BURSTING to get out...

I see the frustration, the staleness, the lack of excitement...

And worst of all, I see the KNOWING. I know that you know that you can be, do and have more. 

I know that you know that you have been playing small and selling yourself short.

It's time to change that. 
It's time to step up and claim the life that you truly want!

From the outside, everything probably looks pretty okay in your life. 

You got the certifications, the attestations and the celebrations.

You might have the kids, the house, the job, the family car...

You are kept busy with it all...

And it should feel GREAT.... except it doesn’t!

Instead you feel slightly bored with it all, agitated and frustrated or you might even be at the point already where you feel dead inside from the mundaneness of it all.

What is wrong with you that you can’t just relax and enjoy and appreciate your life more?

Isn’t that UNGRATEFUL?

You see people struggling around you. They’ve got real challenges. You don’t. 

So you just need to suck it up and be a good girl, right?
No, it’s not right. 
In fact it’s completely WRONG 

In fact, don’t dare to suck it up!
Instead TRUST THE RESTLESSNESS inside of you. 

It’s telling you something.

It’s telling you that you are destroying your soul slowly by ignoring it’s yearning. That’s why you feel soul-destroyed. 

Your soul didn’t intend for you to come here and sit pretty and be grateful with that. 

You’ve got a whole different level of work to do starting with stepping up

Your path requires COURAGE. It’s price-tag is living with some judgment from others and living with less certainty, but its reward is an aligned, sometimes even electrifying, uplifting, purposeful life of freedom
Change requires great strength of will so you've got to know WHY you want this change.

To quote Nietche "If your WHY is strong enough, you will endure ANY how."

And here is why I think you want it - you just can't not. The thought of living with not changing your life fills you with terror.. and besides.. YOU AND YOUR LIFE ARE WORTH IT, PERIOD!

All you need to do is choose it, choose yourself, decide to be brave enough and strong enough to claim the life you actually want and then get busy, doing what it takes and getting the help you need to make it happen!

Imagine living a life on your terms, where you feel deeply comfortable in your own skin, excited by the challenge of pursuing demanding goals you set yourself, proud of your ability to navigate the sometimes insane chaos along the way and incredibly relieved that you finally choose the life you want.. the one that is truly a pleasure to live, where you choose to ride the less certain but more adventurous waves, to do things differently, to do what YOU want to do instead of following the crowd, to color outside the lines, to risk expulsion because you no longer want to live a lie, to follow your souls yearnings instead and lean into the magic of living in faith rather than fear. How does that life sound to you?

If it excites you, then I want you to know that it’s just a decision away to claim that kind of life. You can literally become that person right now.

The reason this speaks to you is because you want to feel more ALIVE! You might lack a strong sense of direction or purpose and some discipline right now but you know that can be worked through. 

You want to feel free, liberated, maybe even a bit reckless.. at least that’s how other people would see you, if you suddenly stepped up and decided that you were going to go after a goal, fight for a cause you believe in, make a significant change in your life and in doing so, change other peoples’ lives for the better too.

That doesn’t come from playing it safe though. Following your soul’s guidance, listening to it’s deep yearnings to become someone better, someone you genuinely feel PROUD of, that come from courage. That comes from risk taking. That comes from a deep level of trust and determination… which you will only find if you are prepared to let go of life as you know it and instead choose a life where you dare to be different, where you dare to play bigger, dare to become bolder, dare to play outside of the conventional rules of society, where you draw outside the lines.

Does this sound like the you that you want to become?

Then you’ve got to step forward and claim it... and I'd love to help you!

my newest private 1:1 VIP experience:


UNLEASH THE BRAVE YOU is a 6-month VIP 1:1 program where I will help you to unleash your true potential and claim an exciting life of freedom and flow... the life you know you are MEANT to live!

The BRAVE YOU knows exactly who she is and what she wants. She doesn't get distracted by what others are thinking or saying about her, because she is too busy and too focused on her own journey of expansion and ever-increasing joy and fulfillment. 

She is passionate, purposeful and determined in her quest to create the life she really wants. Nothing and no one will get in her way. 

She LOVES to have fun and giggles. She knows that life is a playground and she is here to play with the best of them! 

 She loves to continuously gain awareness, get better and have an ever-increasing impact. Failure is not an option, just courage, learning and picking herself up.

She knows that being a passionate woman full of zest and energy for life is her birthright. And last but definitely not least... she  embraces the sensual being that she is and makes no apologies for it!

Does any of that sound like a version of the you inside of you that you would like to unleash? 

Then come on an intense 6-month VIP journey with me and it will be my honor to help you unleash her!

Inside 'UNLEASH THE BRAVE YOU', you will learn how to:
  • Get crystal clear about the woman that you desire to become
  • ​ Define the life you want to be experiencing
  • ​Create your plan to get there
  • ​Identify and release some of your most debilitating stressful and limiting beliefs 
  • ​Do some deep healing work on past experiences that are still affecting you
  • ​Dive deep into your money story and create a new one that includes financial freedom
  • ​Fall in love with discipline, structure and going after your exciting future vision
  • ​​Develop the confidence in yourself to fully back yourself with your future plan
  • ​Thoroughly enjoy every moment of your journey of becoming the brave you... even the challenging parts!


1. A virtual or in-person VIP day with me in week 1*

2. A near weekly coaching call (16 calls total)

3. Four sessions in 'The Work' valid for one year

4. Unlimited weekday voice-memo support 

5. A weekly audio lesson related to stepping more into your power

6. Free access to my Dare To Leap Program for 6-months*

7. A guided custom-made visualization tailored to you

8. A daily planner to create good habits and structure*

*These elements are for pay-in-full clients only

The group programs which you will receive 6-months free access to include:

- The Dare To Leap Program which will help you to find the courage to take the leaps you know you want to take plus benefit from the support of a group of other like-minded participants. It includes a weekly group zoom coaching call where you will get to hear about the challenges that others are experiencing, navigate the storms and celebrate the wins with them too.

- The Confident Course Marketer Program which will help you to create, market and sell a digital program that you can create passive income from

Plus other bonuses I intuitively decide to add to support you at the highest level during our 6-month partnership


I'm throwing in this incredible bonus, if you sign up by Friday 21 May, because accessing your akashic records with someone who knows what they are doing, is an absolute game-changer!
  • An Akashic Records Reading:  This two-hour reading from a world-renowned expert whom I work and collaborate with, will help you to get in touch with your true purpose so that you become clearer on your future vision.
"I'm an absolute fan of Niamh's programs. Thanks to her proactive support and coaching skills, I feel already so much stronger and confident. I also see more clearly where I want to go in my life. I'm so looking forward to the progress I will do over 2021, following her Clarity, Courage and Confidence Program. I LOVE her and you will too 😍."
Fabiana L. - Switzerland
"Working with Niamh is absolutely transformational. She has a knack for challenging you to expand your thinking and unleash your inner passion. But more than that, she truly inspires you to be bold and unafraid to live your life’s truest and most authentic vision.”
Ashleigh M. - U.S.
Hi I'm Niamh (pronounced "Neeve") and I'm your partner-in-crime in this exciting journey you are about to embark on.
 Nothing excites me more in this world than helping people to live a more joy and purpose-filled life. 

It can take buckets of courage, and some confronting challenges to choose the life you truly want to live, but all that courage and those challenges build character... and, unlike physical possessions, that character can NEVER be taken away from you.

I was barely a teenager when I knew that I wanted to live an adventurous life. Before becoming a mindset coach 10 years ago, I lived in 7 different countries, worked 13 years at the U.N., wrestled with lions (just kidding) and currently pinch myself every morning when I catch the incredible sunrises over Lake Geneva from my bedroom! 

I've got some great coaching credentials too. You can read all about them in the Q & A below.
"The reasons for me to work with Niamh was the trust and honest approach to communicate openly which I felt immediately during our first meeting. Niamh has a good work ethic also an innate warmth and open-mindedness, a 'soft' approach which made me feel instantly at ease during coaching sessions.
Her programs have helped me to move forward, sometimes in small steps, however, moving in a good positive direction about myself and my life and understanding much more what its all about and to continue my life journey mindfully.

If you are thinking of working with Niamh, don't think anymore, just go ahead and do it!"
Louise W. - France
"I hired Niamh because she is good at what she does. Niamh has a gift for helping you discover the root of your problems efficiently and with compassion.

Niamh's programs have helped me to reflect on where I am, where I want to be, and helped me to detail the steps I need to take to get there.

Hiring Niamh will be the best investment you've ever made! Investing in yourself is always worth the cost."
Sara H. - U.K.
"Niamh, I am grateful for having had your support over some years now, from your livestreams, your programs and your individual coaching. I am coaching people myself and so I have certain criteria which other coach I am trusting. I have chosen you because you are humble, open, vulnerable, trustworthy, dedicated to living the Work of Byron Katie and you are living your own program. I always feel energized and supported and honestly seen. Thank you for supporting me in a very individual way."
Heike F. - Germany
"I felt calm, heard and cared for. Niamh knows the right questions to ask to really get to the root of issues. I could not believe how much shifted in the first session l literally said wow you have probably saved me months or years of therapy! 
The second day was able to be spent writing affirmations which sealed in my heart the new me l wanted to grow into and we wrote a new schedule to incorporate my goals in a manageable way. I couldn’t believe how much we got through.
Niamh’s approach is very caring. Very empathetic but empowering."
Emma L. - Australia
"Niamh's trick is quite simple – to not let you trick yourself. In the gentlest way possible, she refuses to let you believe that you are unable to be the person you want to be, to do what you want to do, to let all your talent fully express itself. 
From the moment you meet her, Niamh will believe in you and what you want your life to become – it’s up to you to decide when to join her on that journey and believe in yourself too."
Robert B. - Switzerland
"It is an absolute pleasure to work with Niamh. I love her energy, spirit, wisdom, knowledge, personality, and the way she can inspire you!"
Kamilla N. - Switzerland
"Niamh's  positive energy and personable approach made coaching by her feel effortless. Yet, I came away clear headed and with constructive ideas each time. I easily recommend her as a friend and professional.
Eileen L. - France
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Q & A

QUESTION 1: This sounds awesome, I really want the changes that you talk about, but are you qualified to help me get the transformation I want?

That's a very valid question and the answer is yes. I've taken more than 100 trainings in my life on different topics (I'm a lifelong learner!) but my main credentials are:

- Masters in Education with a specialization in Child Development and Dyslexia, Open University, UK

- Diploma in Online Education, Open University, UK

- Facilitator of a form of cognitive based therapy called The Work Of Byron Katie

- Coaching fundamentals certificate from Coach Training Institute

- Executive Coach Certification from The Center Of Executive Coaching, Florida (ICF accredited)

- Career Coach Certification from The Center Of Executive Coaching, Florida (ICF accredited)

- Accredited Assessor for GENOS Emotional Intelligence Surveys

- Certified Money Coach in training .. yes I'm always learning new things to help my clients at a deeper level

I worked at the U.N. in Geneva for 13 years, had a company called Love To Learn for 4 years and I have been coaching and facilitating for more than 10 years. I have also created and delivered 5 online programs. I'm a UDEMY instructor and passionate about understanding how to expand online reach for passive income streams.

My most important attribute however is that I WALK THE COURAGEOUS PATH of continuously committing to my inner truth. I follow my inner guidance and trust that whatever is calling me, I need to honor that 100%!

QUESTION 2: I'm really interested but I'm not sure I will have the time to properly commit to it. What do you think?

If you have other commitments, we can go at a slower pace and spread it out over a few more months if necessary. We can talk about what works best for you and decide on the best plan at the start. My goal is to get you the transformation you want and to make it as easy and effortless as possible for you.

QUESTION 3: The investment is not within my reach right now but I really want to work with you! Is there a shorter option?

6 months is optimal to get better results, and I recommend you commit to the whole 6 months, but it is also possible for you to sign up for 3 months for a $7,500 investment (payable in 3 installments of $2,600). If you sign up for another 3 months by the end of the 2 month mark, I will offer you the extra 3-months at $ 5,000.

QUESTION 4: What is the exact process that you are going to take me through?

That very much depends on where you are at. I will know immediately when we talk. I will tune in to understand what you really want and need and to help you see what is holding you back. I'm pretty good at spotting the stories we tell ourselves to subconsciously hold ourselves back. I will share the process with you every step of the way though so you understand and trust that the work I do with you to help you to shift to confident, empowered and purposeful living is right for you. You will be an active participant in your coaching journey.

QUESTION 5: I prefer to chat with you first to be sure that this is right for me. Is that possible?

It's TOTALLY possible and I'm excited to connect with you to help you make the best decision for you. Book a complimentary call with me here, or if you are in a different time zone, email niamh@niamhdee.com and I'll find a time that works for you.