The Mental Strength Mastery Program

Life can feel incredibly hard sometimes... cruel even! But if you BUILD YOUR MENTAL STRENGTH, you'll not just survive the challenges, you'll THRIVE from them!

Does any of the following resonate with you?
- You know you should be more productive and less distracted but you feel lost, uncertain if you are doing the right thing or totally miserable with what you are doing
- You know you should remain positive but you feel paralyzed by world events and the potential impact that that will have on your future and that of your family

- You know you should be ignoring naysayers and judgmental people (especially the ones that are close to you) and staying focused on creating the life you want, but you can't seem to find the courage and strength to take the action you need to take.
- You know you should be healthier for higher energy levels and to feel proud of how you look but you lack motivation, willpower and self-discipline to make it happen.

- You know you should be more organized in your home and business, you should have systems to make sure things get done and bills get paid but you feel like a chaotic mess much of the time!

if you fit one or more of those descriptions, then Let yourself ponder for a second what it will feel like if that continues and nothing changes. 

how will you feel if you continue to allow those challenges to have such an impact on your life? Imagine 5 or 10 years from now what that will mean to you if things only get worse...

I want you to IMAGINE for a moment..

- Imagine how it would feel to feel a whole new, indescribable level of confidence, strength, resilience and appreciation for your life?

- Imagine feeling so grounded on the inside that external challenges bother you a lot less

- Imagine letting go of the need for perfectionism and striving forward imperfectly with an “I’ve got this” mindset

- Imagine being your own best cheerleader, positively encouraging yourself, being kind to yourself for your shortcomings and keeping on moving forward no matter what

- Imagine feeling free of other people’s opinions, judgments and needs and putting yourself and your vision first

You can change your current reality by changing your mindset first and you can create a different destiny for yourself from the one that would unfold if you did nothing to change. 

Interested to know more?



- 30 days of Mindset, Resilience and Mental Strength Training

The Mental Strength Mastery Program is a 30-day mind strengthening program to help you to toughen your mind against adversity, revolutionize your self-discipline, navigate tough times with courage and confidence and develop an iron will that knows no limits!

Specifically, The Mental Strength Mastery Program will help you to:
  • Drown out all external noise and fear-mongering and your fears about the future so that you live in the indistractable present moment and trust that your future will take care of itself with the action you are now taking
  • ​Learn how to become rejection proof and anti-fragile so that nobody (especially the ones that are close to you) can distract you from the life you are designing for yourself.
  • ​Courageously look at how some poor or destructive habits are impacting you so that you make a firm decision to let go of those habits and allow yourself to experience the benefits of your life free of dependency, sabotage and destruction.
  • ​Find the time, motivation and determination necessary to make health and fitness changes and life organizational changes, so that you feel healthier, happier and more energized and organized
  • ​Get over your fears of being visible or not good enough so that you can show up confidently and impact those you are targeting the way you are meant to


I'm throwing in this incredible upcoming bonus for a limited time because sometimes you just need to talk it out
  • A Private 20-Minute 1:1 Laser-Coaching Session With Me: This is just available for a limited time, so be quick to avail of it so that I can help you to zone in on what you really need to work on to develop your mental strength. It comes with a pre-coaching session questionnaire so we can laser in fast on what you need!

So let's break it down

Here's exactly what you will get...

Instant access to the following Mental Strength Mastery trainings:

Your Welcome Video followed by:

Day 1 - The Law Of Compensation

Day 2 - Self-Discipline For Greater Mental Strength

Day 3 - Allowing It All

Day 4 - Constructive (Positive) Thinking That Serves You

Day 5 - Powerful Visualization For Mental Strength

Day 6 - How To Overcome Visibility Fears

Day 7 - Callusing Your Mind Through Pain And Suffering

Day 8 - Meditation For Mental Strength

Day 9 - Rejection Release: Why Rejection Feels So Horrible

Day 10 - Rejection Release: It's Not Personal

Day 11 - Rejection Release: Why Before Goodbye

Day 12 - Rejection Release: Keep Taking Forward Action

Day 13 - Ways to Strengthen Faith: Part 1

Day 14 - Ways to Strengthen Faith: Part 2

Day 15 - Ways to Strengthen Faith: Part 3

Day 16 - Stoicism: Part 1 - Intro

Day 17 - Stoicism: Part 2 - Adversity

Day 18 - Stoicism: Part 3 - Presence

Day 19 - Stoicism: Part 4 - Your Power To Not React To Triggers

Day 20 - Affirmations For Mental Strength

Day 21 - Keeping It Real On Your Mental Strength Journey

Day 22 - Strong Body = Strong Mind

Day 23 - Recognizing And Eliminating Excuses

Day 24 - Ask For Help

Day 25 - Perspective Shifting For Challenges

Day 26 - Channel Your Inner Cheerleader

Day 27 - Stand Up Straight With Your Shoulders Back

Day 28 - Grounding For Mental Strength

Day 29 - Staying Calm And Confident In Conflict

Day 30 - The Strength To Course-Correct

Mental Strength Mastery Wrap-Up


A private 20-Minute 1:1 Laser-Coaching Session with me... if you are quick (for a limited time!!)

Your total investment for this potentially life-changing program (it will change your life if you do the work and adapt the mindset)...

is just $147!!!

"Niamh, I am grateful for having had your support over some years now, from your livestreams, your programs and your individual coaching. I am coaching people myself and so I have certain criteria which other coach I am trusting. I have chosen you because you are humble, open, vulnerable, trustworthy and you are living your own program. I always feel energized and supported and honestly seen. Thank you for supporting me in a very individual way."
Heike F. - Germany
"I felt calm, heard and cared for. Niamh knows the right questions to ask to really get to the root of issues. I could not believe how much shifted in the first session l literally said wow you have probably saved me months or years of therapy! 
Niamh’s approach is very caring. Very empathetic but empowering."
Emma L. - Australia
Hi I'm Niamh (pronounced "Neeve") and I'll be leading you through The Mental Strength Mastery Program.
 I've been an online entrepreneur since 2015 and navigated many a storm.. and then some. My headstrong Irish "I WILL FIGURE THIS OUT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER!!" nature got me through, but I wish I had had this program to help me through!! 

That's why I'm so excited to share it with you.  There are some things that we don't learn from our parents or in school that we really need to know... it makes life a lot easier. Like "life isn't fair but don't let that stop you" and "where there is a will, there is a way". Those words are true. Don't listen to anyone that tells you otherwise. I'm living proof of that.
"The reasons for me to work with Niamh was the trust and honest approach to communicate openly which I felt immediately during our first meeting. Niamh has a good work ethic also an innate warmth and open-mindedness, a 'soft' approach which made me feel instantly at ease during coaching sessions.
Her programs have helped me to move forward, sometimes in small steps, however, moving in a good positive direction about myself and my life and understanding much more what its all about and to continue my life journey mindfully.

If you are thinking of working with Niamh, don't think anymore, just go ahead and do it!"
Louise W. - France
"I hired Niamh because she is good at what she does. Niamh has a gift for helping you discover the root of your problems efficiently and with compassion.

Niamh's programs have helped me to reflect on where I am, where I want to be, and helped me to detail the steps I need to take to get there.

Hiring Niamh will be the best investment you've ever made! Investing in yourself is always worth the cost."
Sara H. - U.K.

Your Questions Answered

So, what happens after I join?
Once you register, you will receive a welcome email from me with your login details and all necessary info.

You will also receive a link to book your 20-minute coaching session with me (if you are still seeing this message it means that bonus offer is still available).

I'm not an entrepreneur. Is this still for me?
In a word... YES! This program is for anyone who wants to strengthen their mindset. I hope my kids will take it too!
My life is really busy right now. How long do I have access?
That's okay. You will have the program for life so you can go through it at your pace if you prefer. 
This sounds great but I heard you talk about a year-long program too. What's that about?
That would be The Dare To Leap Program. If you want to access another 11 incredible programs like this one, plus get access to a private Facebook group AND take part in a weekly group coaching call over Zoom where we discuss the content plus I give laser coaching to each group member, then join us here.

I have mental health issues. Will this program help me?
Whilst this is an incredible program that I am very proud of, it can never replace the support you will receive from a certified mental health professional. It can however, act as a good compliment, if you feel ready to heal and to create a structured and disciplined life for yourself.
Can I get my money back if I'm not happy?
I have full confidence in the effectiveness of my trainings but if for any reason you don't feel satisfied with your purchase, having gone through the whole program and implemented all the suggested exercises, then please reach and I will be happy and open to discuss with you. I want you to feel completely happy with your investment!

 Be sure to sign up now whilst the 1:1 bonus call with me is still available

"Niamh's trick is quite simple – to not let you trick yourself. In the gentlest way possible, she refuses to let you believe that you are unable to be the person you want to be, to do what you want to do, to let all your talent fully express itself. 
From the moment you meet her, Niamh will believe in you and what you want your life to become – it’s up to you to decide when to join her on that journey and believe in yourself too."
Robert B. - Switzerland
"It is an absolute pleasure to work with Niamh. I love her energy, spirit, wisdom, knowledge, personality, and the way she can inspire you!"
Kamilla N. - Switzerland
"Niamh's  positive energy and personable approach made coaching by her feel effortless. Yet, I came away clear headed and with constructive ideas each time. I easily recommend her as a friend and professional.
Eileen L. - France
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