Does any of this sounds familiar?

- Your business results are way lower than what you know is possible for you but you just can’t seem to get focused and productive

- You know you should be creating more and marketing more but you never know what to say or how to say it
- Your confidence is low and you feel like an imposter helping others to get what you can’t give yourself

- You are constantly distracted by emergencies that get in the way of your focus because you don’t have strong boundaries

- You should be fitter and healthier, you want to look and feel great, but you can’t find the motivation and self-discipline to stop your bad habits

If any of the above is familiar, then you have landed in the right place!

If you are ready to:

- make a radical commitment to yourself to step up with your fitness, your focus and your health

- stop accepting the excuses you have been convincing yourself are true 

- never give up when the going gets tough (because it will!)

then keep reading!!!

I’ve created a 3-month 1:1 program for the brave entrepreneurs out there who have had enough of mediocre results, and who are now prepared to take RADICAL RESPONSIBILITY for the life change they want. 

Is that you? 

Entrepreneurship can feel HARD sometimes.
There are moments when it feels like nothing is working and that if things don't change soon, you'll be up shit creek without a paddle. But it's up at that creek that you get to form yourself.

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.” — Maya Angelou

I'll be right there with you if you work with me, guiding you to tap into your incredible power,  because I know how worth it it will be for you! I know the benefits you will reap from taking brave leaps forward.

Are you ready to shut that ‘yes but’ voice up and just get on with making the changes you need to make EVEN IF YOU ARE SHIT SCARED????

I know how shit scared feels.

I know how scary it is to commit to something that you know will demand a lot from you. 
I know how scary it is to invest financially and risk not getting the return on the investment you want.
But I also know how wrong it is to ignore a YEARNING inside of you that says DO IT!!!

So I get you.

Because if you are still reading this, then it’s because you know what it will require of you and you are up for the challenge. You are prepared to do what is required of you. So we will work well together!

- Imagine how it would feel to feel a whole new, indescribable level of confidence, strength, resilience and appreciation for your life?

- Imagine your energy being so magnetic that you easily attract the clients you want because you inspire them

- Imagine LOVING and appreciating every single moment of your journey of discipline, focus, creativity and easy content creation because you are on a worthy, aligned mission and nothing will stop you!

That’s the new results you will have from your new habits and mindset my friend ✨.

Hi! I'm Niamh (pronounced "Neeve") and I’m a mindset coach with a particular passion for helping coaches who play small online to step up and out.  I do that by helping you to get radically fit and focused. So much of your focus capacity is tied up in how you eat and how you care for your body. With a strong body, you'll have a strong mind. With a strong mind, the sky is the limit!

My goal is to empower you to stop subconsciously holding yourself back with the stories which have been keeping  you stuck where you are up to now.  I will help you to get clear and to fully own your worth, so that you create the life that you truly want to live!

You can read all about 'the history of Niamh' on my website, but the short version is this: I believe that you are the master of your destiny. It's not random and it lies in your hands. You get to decide how you play the cards you were dealt in life. It makes sense to learn how to play those cards well. That's what got me into personal growth work. I wasn't playing my hand very well. Now I am. 

I want to help you to play your hand like a master if you are radically committed to making that happen!

It’s time to stop playing small and decide that you are worthy and deserving enough to go after what you want!

Here’s how I’m going to help you:

Together we identify exactly what you want to achieve. 
Together we create a SIMPLE structure and schedule to help you achieve it.

Efficiency is key and that only comes with simple.

The name of the program is RADICALLY COMMITTED because that’s what you have to be and that’s what you will have to remember every single day.

Specifically you will get:

- 3 months 1:1 with a weekly hour-long Zoom call

- Voice-memo support every Monday - Friday to keep you focused, strong and confident.

- Access to my radically committed fitness and health diary with commentary on how the food and gym plans are  affecting me since day 1 of my latest fitness and health program (it gets vulnerable!). You’ll also see the exact food I eat and all the supplements I take. 


INVESTMENT: Your investment for this life-changing commitment that will start you on a new life trajectory is $7,500 or 3 installments of $2,600.

"I'm an absolute fan of Niamh's programs. Thanks to her proactive support and coaching skills, I feel already so much stronger and confident. I also see more clearly where I want to go in my life. I'm so looking forward to the progress I will do over 2021, following her Dare To Leap Program. I LOVE her and you will too 😍."
Fabiana L. - Switzerland
"Working with Niamh is absolutely transformational. She has a knack for challenging you to expand your thinking and unleash your inner passion. But more than that, she truly inspires you to be bold and unafraid to live your life’s truest and most authentic vision.”
Ashleigh M. - U.S.
"The reasons for me to work with Niamh was the trust and honest approach to communicate openly which I felt immediately during our first meeting. Niamh has a good work ethic also an innate warmth and open-mindedness, a 'soft' approach which made me feel instantly at ease during coaching sessions.
Her programs have helped me to move forward, sometimes in small steps, however, moving in a good positive direction about myself and my life and understanding much more what its all about and to continue my life journey mindfully.

If you are thinking of working with Niamh, don't think anymore, just go ahead and do it!"
Louise W. - France
"I hired Niamh because she is good at what she does. Niamh has a gift for helping you discover the root of your problems efficiently and with compassion.

Niamh's programs have helped me to reflect on where I am, where I want to be, and helped me to detail the steps I need to take to get there.

Hiring Niamh will be the best investment you've ever made! Investing in yourself is always worth the cost."
Sara H. - U.K.
"Niamh, I am grateful for having had your support over some years now, from your livestreams, your programs and your individual coaching. I am coaching people myself and so I have certain criteria which other coach I am trusting. I have chosen you because you are humble, open, vulnerable, trustworthy, following the Work of Byron Katie and you are living your own program. I always feel energized and supported and honestly seen. Thank you for supporting me in a very individual way."
Heike F. - Germany
"I felt calm, heard and cared for. Niamh knows the right questions to ask to really get to the root of issues. I could not believe how much shifted in the first session l literally said wow you have probably saved me months or years of therapy! 
The second day was able to be spent writing affirmations which sealed in my heart the new me l wanted to grow into and we wrote a new schedule to incorporate my goals in a manageable way. I couldn’t believe how much we got through.
Niamh’s approach is very caring. Very empathetic but empowering."
Emma L. - Australia
"Her trick is quite simple – to not let you trick yourself. In the gentlest way possible, she refuses to let you believe that you are unable to be the person you want to be, to do what you want to do, to let all your talent fully express itself. 
From the moment you meet her, Niamh will believe in you and what you want your life to become – it’s up to you to decide when to join her on that journey and believe in yourself too."
Robert B. - Switzerland
"It is an absolute pleasure to work with Niamh. I love her energy, spirit, wisdom, knowledge, personality, and the way she can inspire you!"
Kamilla N. - Switzerland
"Niamh's  positive energy and personable approach made coaching by her feel effortless. Yet, I came away clear headed and with constructive ideas each time. I easily recommend her as a friend and professional.
Eileen L. - France

INVESTMENT: Your investment for this life-changing commitment that will start you on a new life trajectory is $7,500 or 3 installments of $2,600.

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