GROW 36O is a personal growth program ON STEROIDS for anyone who wants to grow! It contains 360 days of incredible bite-size trainings to help you to create your best self and your best life.

This year-long program is for you if you are someone who wants to:

- be more productive and less distracted but you lack clear direction

- claim a braver life, to stop playing so small and to let go of the self-doubt, fear and confusion which keeps you stuck

- feel healthier and more energized, you want to look better, but you lack the willpower, self-discipline and know-how to make that happen

When you know that you have masses of potential, but you can't seem to find your edge, to go the extra mile to succeed, it can feel really frustrating.

I know that feeling, because I've been there.. but I also know how to shift it. 

It starts with habit change. Changing my habits changed EVERYTHING for me. I learned how to make those changes the hard way, after a lot of trying to figure it out, but you don't have to. 

This can be the year that you instigate the habits of the successful you that you want to be, the you who takes great care of themself! This is a program that I would have JUMPED on, if it had been available for me when I needed it.

But before I share that with you, I want you to IMAGINE:

- imagine how it would feel to develop radical new levels of self-discipline, courage and strength

- imagine feeling so poised on the inside that external challenges bother you a lot less

- imagine being able to trust yourself to 'bring your best self' no matter what

 - imagine putting yourself and your highest priorities first because you value yourself so highly... even if people perceive you as selfish

- imagine feeling free of other people’s opinions, judgments and needs and fearlessly living the life YOU want to live

The good news is that you have the power to achieve all of this and it starts by changing your thinking and behavioral habits.

The GREAT NEWS IS that I've developed the program to help you to do that.

GROW 360

GROW 36O contains a HUB of information all related to positive change. There are 12 main themes and you can dive into whichever theme and lesson you need at the time. There is a total of 360 lessons to choose from.

This fully recorded and instantly accessible program contains all the tips and tricks which helped me to radically transform my life and that's what has led me to the life I now enjoy.  There is no such thing as overnight success but in this program, you'll learn the habits that will bring you more into alignment with the life you want to live.

Here's what's included inside Grow 36O:

- a vast 'how-to' training library consisting of 360 lessons (12 x 30), all based on my personal learnings and experience and all recorded by me

- a daily email each morning with your GROW 36O lesson for that day and to keep you in a growth mindset state

This kind of program would have made a world of difference to me when I felt frustrated and confused about why I wasn't making the progress I wanted.

That's why I created GROW 36O!

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” 
- John Maxwell


As soon as you purchase GROW 36O, you will get immediate access to an incredible hub filled with trainings all related to creating high-performance habits and attracting the success you want.

Here are the 12 themes. 
You will receive 30 days of bite-size lessons on each topic.

1. Online Business Building With Ease
In this program, you get clarity around your niche, your messaging, your brand, your website etc. You will learn how to create and run a free challenge, run a masterclass, create a targeted email list, learn how to show up and market on Facebook and other platforms, how to write copy and more!

2. Positively Driven
Drive yourself forward by first getting clear about your most important values in you life and identifying a clear vision that excites you. Then consciously dial up your positivity and consciously dial down your negative inner voice by developing new thought and behavioral habits. Your attitude determines your altitude and this is an important part of attracting the success you want.

3. The FIT Program
The FIT Program will teach you everything you need to know to become an efficient fat-burning machine. It is jam-packed with quality information which will help you to understand how you can follow a healthy meal-plan and sculpt your body to the shape you want it without feeling hungry. It also contains the essential mindset tips you will need to make sure you stay on track and avoid sabotaging your efforts.

4. Focus, Discipline And Structure
You will not create the success you want nor a healthy and energized body without a massive dose of focus, strong self-discipline and some level of structure in your day. Learn how to make this happen in 2022 with this brilliant 30-day program which will take you through the most effective tips, tricks and popular tools to help you to keep focused.

5. Mental Strength Mastery
Online visibility can feel massively daunting, especially when it looks like no one is watching you. Also, life happens when you are stepping up and playing a bigger game in life. Things can get a bit chaotic. You might feel like an absolute mess at times, but you've still got to keep going and keep strong. This 30-day program to help develop a powerful mental strength habit will show you how.

6. Alter-Ego Mastery
Did you know that Beyoncé, David Bowie and many famous sports personalities used alter egos? You probably used them as a kid too in pretend play. Now you will learn how to create and implement an alter ego specifically for your business. They say 'fake it til you make it' though this will not be fake. You'll just be accessing a part of you that exists behind the fear. It's a powerful tool for learning what it feels like to become that person before you reach your goal.

7. Money Mastery
Your mindset around money will massively influence your ability to charge what your programs are worth. You'll be identifying and questioning all your major limiting beliefs around money in this program. You will also learn how to track your income and expenses and how to manage every cent that comes in. This program is the solution for everything money related!

8. The Simplicity Habit
As a business professional or an online coach, you have many areas of business and life to take care of and oversee. It can get overwhelming. However, the most important thing to take care of is you. In the online coaching world, you are your product .. and being in the habit of keeping yourself in balance is necessary for your product. This 30-day program will help you to do just that.

9. Success Habits
There are particular habits that successful people practice. If you are not successful, then you are most likely not practicing those habits. This 30-day program is jam-packed with tips around the habit of success and you will for sure pick up some good ones that will positively impact your online business!

10. LIBERATE Yourself
Liberation is in the mind, not outside of it. In this 30-day program you will discover how you can liberate yourself from all the stress, anger, pain and discontentment that plagues our daily lives. The best part is that you can develop a liberated mind habit without anything in your external environment changing!

11. Sales And Negotiation Mastery
Selling and negotiating are loaded topics for many. Massively talented and skilled coaches tense up when it comes to actually selling. But you don't have to. When you recognize the value that you are offering and realize that you sell FOR your client, not to them, it gets much easier. This 30-day program will show you how.

12. Energy Mastery
The main reason clients will hire and work with you is because of the energy you are emitting. Just like a radio station broadcasts at a certain frequency so do you. You cannot reach your ideal client if you are not broadcasting at the right frequency. Get your energy in order, learn about masculine and feminine energy and how to be in balance with both, and you will reach your ideal client. This program goes deep and the energy shifts you achieve will make you a client attraction maestro!

Are you ready for 12 months of incredible growth that will blow your mind and your results?

"I'm an absolute fan of Niamh's programs. Thanks to her proactive support and coaching skills, I feel already so much stronger and self-confident. I also see more clearly where I want to go in my life. I LOVE her and you will too 😍."

~ Fabiana L., Switzerland

Hi, I'm Niamh 
It's an Irish name which is pronounced "Neeve". 

I'm a straight-talking, clear and intuitive mindset coach with a massive passion for helping anyone who wants to GROW. There are two ways to do life - one involves a lot of suffering and another involves freedom. You get to choose and I'd love to help you choose the latter! So if you are wanting to grow and feel better about yourself as you tap more fully into your potential, then you are my ideal client. Marketing experts tell me I need to 'niche down' but after much effort trying to follow the expert advice, I simply cannot and will not niche down. I work with anyone who is struggling to overcome themselves, who has been allowing the challenges in their lives to dominate them rather than living as the person they want to be, but they are committed to changing that.

I have been coaching and facilitating for 12+ years now and although I could write several books on the amount of trainings and certifications I have done, my client results, and way of living, speak louder than any certification can. I am hyper focused on client results and I hope I get to celebrate your results with you soon too!

"Niamh has been instrumental and a total catalyst to helping me shift from years of just supporting local UK residents to transforming to an international guiding light OVERNIGHT online. Within 3 months of working with Niamh my income increase by 100%!!!."

~ Rachel J, U.K.

Sign up now and you will get:

A Daily Email Lesson
For 360 days, you will receive a daily email in your inbox with your GROW 360 lesson for that day. You will also have permanent access to all lessons via a private content portal that you will get exclusive access to when you sign up.  Here's a reminder of each monthly theme focus:
30 days of attitude shifting to feel happier
30 days of focus, discipline, structure and habit tips
30 days of strengthening your mind
30 days of identity shifting to step into the future you
30 days of money mindset and organization
30 days of balancing your mind and body 
30 days of success tips for you to create new habits
30 days of learning how to find peace on the inside
30 days of learning how to sell with ease
30 days of tips for building your online coaching biz
30 days of transforming struggle into lightness
30 days of tips to make your brain work better
And, For a limited time, you're going to Get This Incredible bonus If You Pay in Full
PAY IN FULL BONUS: A 90-Minute Coaching Session With Me WORTH $500:
A 90-Minute Coaching Session
Get a head-start on your high-performing year, with a deep-dive with me over Zoom. I will help you to nail your vision and create a strategic plan to get you to where you want to go. I'll also help you to understand what's really holding you back and help you to overcome it.

"Working with Niamh is absolutely transformational. She has a knack for challenging you to expand your thinking and unleash your inner passion. But more than that, she truly inspires you to be bold and unafraid to live your life’s truest and most authentic vision.”

~ Ashleigh M., U.S.

What's Included:
Let's Look At The Real value of All you Are Getting when you join GROW 36O

1 - PORTAL ACCESS: 30+ bite-size gROW 36O lessons Per month for 12 months From The GROW 36O Portal: value 360 x $25 = $ 9,000 value

2 - wEEKLY GROUP COACHING via Zoom each week for 46 weeks (excl. 6 Vacation weeks): Value 46 x $100 = $4,600 value

3 - 12-Months VIP status Inside my Facebook group you Get Immediately Added to The Private GROW 36O Facebook Group when you Buy this program. You can ask me anything related to the GROW 360 content and Your Questions will be Responded to by me within 48 hours = $ 997 Value

4 - A Daily Lesson In Your Inbox For A Year On the day you sign up, you will get added to a mailing list and already receive lesson 1 of 360 that day. You will continue to receive a daily Email lesson for 364 days = $9,000

Total Investment for Above Components = $ 23,597

You get To Join For One Year For Just $ 1,997 !!!

"Niamh's positive energy and personable approach made coaching by her feel effortless. Yet, I came away clear headed and with constructive ideas each time. I easily recommend her ."

~ Eileen L., France

"Niamh's trick is quite simple – to not let you trick yourself. In the gentlest way possible, she refuses to let you believe that you are unable to be the person you want to be, to do what you want to do, to let all your talent fully express itself. 
From the moment you meet her, Niamh will believe in you and what you want your life to become – it’s up to you to decide when to join her on that journey and believe in yourself too."

~ Robert B., Switzerland

"Niamh, I am grateful for having had your support over some years now, from your livestreams, your programs and your individual coaching. I am coaching people myself and so I have certain criteria which other coach I am trusting. I have chosen you because you are humble, open, vulnerable, trustworthy and you are living your own program. I always feel energized and supported and honestly seen. Thank you for supporting me in a very individual way."

~ Heike F., Germany

"I felt calm, heard and cared for. Niamh knows the right questions to ask to really get to the root of issues. I could not believe how much shifted in the first session l literally said wow you have probably saved me months or years of therapy! 

The second session sealed in my heart the new me l wanted to grow into, we wrote a new schedule to incorporate my goals in a manageable way. I couldn’t believe how much we got through.

Niamh’s approach is very caring. Very empathetic but empowering."
~ Emma L., Australia

"I hired Niamh because she is good at what she does. Niamh has a gift for helping you discover the root of your problems efficiently and with compassion.
Niamh's programs have helped me to reflect on where I am, where I want to be, and helped me to detail the steps I need to take to get there.
Hiring Niamh will be the best investment you've ever made! Investing in yourself is always worth the cost."

~ Sara H., U.K.

"It is an absolute pleasure to work with Niamh. I love her energy, spirit, wisdom, knowledge, personality, and the way she can inspire you!"
~ Kamilla N. - Switzerland

"I knew a year long Programme with Niamh would be full of ideas and insights to help me live differently.

Niamh puts so much into her Programmes - so much research. Would never find those gems myself!

Even though I am just starting out on this Programme, I have learned so much already, helping me to turn my thoughts around about difficult stuff going on.

Loving the alter ego trainings! Help me feel how I want to be."
- J.C., France

"Niamh's energy is up there and she works hard to deliver fine work. As a person she is professional, a bit mad at times, a great person to listen and help just in the right place by guiding us.

We are at present in a lovely group whom I feel safe, energized and grateful to be part of dynamic people from all walks of life striving to attain the best we can for us and others.

Dare to Leap is a dynamic Programme and it was my reason for joining. A year long so much on offer. My Vision is to develop and be as good a mentor and coach as Niamh 🙏."
- V. M., Ireland

"I really like Niamh's energy and her lives, posts resonate with me.

I feel supported, encouraged and many things to learn.

I love the group connection and support"
- K.R., Switzerland

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